Lincolnshire Farm

Lincolnshire Farm Neighbourhood Concept.

Lincolnshire Farm Neighbourhood Concept


Wellington City Council is planning to develop Lincolnshire Farm - a stretch of undeveloped land in the northern suburbs. This area is the largest opportunity for new development in Wellington city.

Lincolnshire Farm Housing Concept.

Lincolnshire Farm Housing Concept


Development potential

Development of the site potentially includes:

  • opportunities for new road connections between the surrounding communities
  • recreation opportunities and ecological protection
  • a business park with local employment opportunities
  • around 800-900 new households
  • a 4-lane link road from Grenada / SH1 to the Hutt Valley / SH2.

The area has been identified for urban development since the 1970s. This was confirmed through the development of the Northern Growth Management Framework in 2003, a process involving extensive public consultation.

Lincolnshire Farm Avenue Concept.

Lincolnshire Farm Avenue Concept



In April and May 2006, the Council sought public input on the plans to develop Lincolnshire Farm. Further consultation was undertaken as part of the changes to the District Plan. The Council notified its decision on the plan change on 8 March 2008. The plan change became operative on 16 October 2013.

District Plan Change 45: Urban Development Area and Structure Plans

Petone to Grenada link road

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) is leading a project that investigates options for a potential new transport link between Tawa / Porirua and the Hutt Valley (Petone). The project is in the early stages of investigation. 

Petone to Grenada Project - NZTA