High-Speed Broadband Access

Aerial view of Wellington city.

Aerial view of Wellington city


Expanding access to affordable high-speed broadband is important for Wellington city's companies, schools and hospitals. Expanding access will encourage further innovation and attract technically creative individuals and organisations to Wellington.

Update: June 2013

Underground fibre optic cables for ultra-fast broadband are being installed in Thorndon and the central city. The central city is part of the first phase of the project, running until June 2014. The installation programme is also underway in the northern suburbs.

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Rollout and service availability

To check on progress, and find out whether your address is included in Chorus' work programme and what services are available, see:

Our Network Upgrade Map - Chorus

How to get high-speed broadband services

When Chorus has finished laying fibre cables in your street, contact a telecommunications service provider to order an ultra-fast broadband (UFB) based service. They place an order with Chorus who will then organise a time to come to your home and connect you to the new fibre network.

Talk to your current service provider first. If they have not launched their UFB-based products yet, here are some service providers you can contact:

Where You Can Get UFB-based Services - Chorus


Wellington City Council is a key member of the Wellington Regional Strategy Committee, which oversees a strategy for economic and urban development in the Wellington region.

The Wellington Regional Strategy identified broadband as key to economic growth and one of seven priorities for the Wellington region.

The Wellington region's councils support the Government's plans for the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband in urban areas and the improvement of access in rural areas. A work programme is underway to prepare the region for the roll-out of broadband fibre over the next 6 - 10 years.


Below are ways in which Wellington City Council has worked with all the other Councils in the Wellington Region to help facilitate the broadband infrastructure in the Wellington region and support the Government's plans.

  • Region-wide Rules for New Trenching Methods
  • Region-wide Rules for Aerial Installation
  • Road Works for Utilities
  • Regionally-agreed Policy for Access to Local Government Assets
  • Supporting the Rural Broadband Initiative

More information

Philippa Bowron
Head of Innovation

Phone: (04) 803 8530
Email: philippa.bowron@wcc.govt.nz