Waterloo Quay Improvements

Waterloo Quay.

Waterloo Quay


Waterloo Quay is vital as an entrance to Wellington. The planned improvements to the quay will make it more attractive and create a positive impression on entering the city.

The project started in 2009 with improvements made along the quay as far as the Bluebridge terminal, and included new traffic signals at Kings Wharf. It is part of a longer-term project to make the waterfront greener and more appealing.

The latest work began where the earlier work finished - at the Westpac Stadium walking ramp. The improvements will transform the route between the cruise ship terminal and the city and include:

  • moving the train track on the harbour side in towards the port so a new footpath can be developed alongside the road
  • widening and ugrading the footpath on the other side, to just past the stadium
  • planting more pohutukawa (like the ones down the centre of Jervois Quay) on both sides of the road
  • replacing a 100-year-old water main between Bunny Street and Aotea Quay to future-proof the water supply for the businesses in this area
  • creating rain gardens and landscaped areas.

Work to create the new footpath began in late August 2010. The improvements will take just under a year and will be ready before Rugby World Cup 2011.

We expect the improvements to cost about $4 million.

More Information

Stephen Harte
Project Manager, Transport Network Development

Phone: (04) 803 8084
Email: stephen.harte@wcc.govt.nz