Greening the Quays

Stage one planting.

Stage one planting


Work on Wellington's new waterfront gateway is completed. The project began in July 2006 with the creation of a two metre-wide median strip, and was completed in June 2007.

The median strip has been planted with the Maori Princess species of pohutukawa tree between the Jervois Quay/Cable Street intersection and Bunny Street.

The work included the installation of the median strip, irrigation, feature lighting, and planting of 52 native trees. The median has made the waterfront route a more attractive place to walk and drive.

It also provides safer and more convenient opportunities for pedestrians crossing from the city to the waterfront.


The project aimed to:

  • provide increased pedestrian opportunity for safe and convenient crossing between the city and the waterfront
  • enhance the experience of using the waterfront route for vehicle occupants
  • reflect the importance of the route as a gateway to the city
  • enhance the identity of the city.


The design of this project created a line of trees along the waterfront route from Bunny Street to Cable Street.

The main elements of the design are:

  • a two metre-wide (minimum) central median with a single row of trees and low native shrub planting
  • retention of the existing lane configuration, intersection layouts and turning requirements.
Upgrade concept.

Upgrade concept.


Tree Species for the Route

Maori Princess pohutukawa are planted along the median. This species of pohutukawa has an upright growth habit, making it ideal for street planting. Native shrubs were also planted along the route.

The tree planting did not affect the number of traffic lanes along the quays. As part of the installation work, the existing lanes were realigned and the lane widths modified.

Budget & Timeline

Council has allocated $3.3 million over two years for the project.

More Information

Geoffrey Snedden
Manager Public Space Design

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