Core Council Application Platform

Wellington City Council has started a major IT project that will better serve the Council and its customers.

The Council currently has too many IT systems - more than 120 - supporting its business. Many of our systems are duplicated across business units and do not easily work with each other. The result is an IT environment that is complex and costly to maintain, and limits our ability to deliver great customer service.

TechnologyOne has been selected as the supplier for the new IT solution.

Project aims and objectives

Among our principal aims is to simplify our IT systems. We believe we can cut annual running costs and provide far better services to customers and staff.

The key objectives for the project are to:

  • improve our customer service
  • reduce IT costs
  • increase our business efficiency
  • position ourselves for future changes in the way we work, eg regional shared services.

The Council currently employs 100 IT staff. The changes will eventually have an impact on staffing numbers but it is likely to be two years before they are realised.

Procurement process and timeline

  • In August 2013, the Council began an initial RFI (requests for information) process encouraging local IT companies to take an interest in the process.
  • Consultation on business requirements for the RFP with other Councils followed from December 2013 through to February 2014.
  • In March 2014, we moved through to the RFP (request for proposals) stage. This is the stage where we invited the market to detail how the Council's IT requirements could be met.
  • Our library service requirements were separated out from the main RFP pending further investigation into the options available.
  • On 6 March 2014, the RFP was released to the open market on GETS.
  • The market had until 24 April 2014 to respond to the RFP.
  • From May to December 2014, a comprehensive three-phase procurement evaluation process was undertaken.
  • On 6 January 2015, the preferred supplier (subject to contract negotiations which are acceptable to the Council) was announced.
  • On 30 April 2015, TechnologyOne was confirmed as the supplier. 

More information

Steve Marchant, Programme Manager

Phone: (04) 803 8005