Current Projects

Wellington City Council's Adelaide Road project has looked at how this area can be developed and enhanced to create a more attractive, people-friendly and prosperous part of the city.

The Council is planning a number of projects for Adelaide Road. These include:

  • changes at the John Street intersection to:
    • improve traffic flow
    • increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
    • provide a better street environment.
  • new bus lanes between John Street and the Basin Reserve
  • upgrading the rest of Adelaide Road between John Street and the Basin Reserve.

Changes to the Project

Funding from the New Zealand Transport Agency towards the project was not fully realised. Therefore, the Council decided not to go ahead with buying property and widening the road, except for land at the John Street intersection.

Instead, we will be delivering the planned transport improvements within the existing road corridor along with streetscape amenity improvements.

The cost of the project has therefore been reduced by approximately $10 million and the completion date brought forward by three years.

These changes were reflected in the Council's 2010/11 Annual Plan:

Annual Plan 2010/11

Schedule of Work

Phase 1 (2011/12) includes the proposed changes at the John Street intersection and will:

  • improve traffic flow
  • increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
  • provide a better street environment.

Phase 2 covers the upgrade of the rest of Adelaide Road between John Street and the Basin Reserve.

This project was previously scheduled to commence in 2012/13 and be completed in 2013/14, however the 2012-22 Long-Term Plan defers construction works until 2020/21.

Update on Progress

Adelaide Road Upgrade

Phase 1 of the upgrade started in May 2012. This $2-million project includes:

  • widening Adelaide Road near the John Street intersection (on the Zip Plumbing side). At the traffic lights there will be four lanes instead of three so that:
    • vehicles going left into Riddiford Street will have two lanes
    • those turning right into John Street will have their own lane, as they do now
    • there will be a new lane for cars heading straight up Adelaide road.
  • upgrading street lights, footpaths kerbs and gutters on Adelaide Road, between Hospital Road and John Street, and at the John Street intersection
  • planting trees on Adelaide Road, and some landscaping on the corner of Adelaide Road and Riddiford Street
  • moving electricity and telecommunications services underground between Hospital Road and John street, and along the east side of Riddiford Street to the traffic lights at the hospital entrance
  • from September:
    • widening the road to create a right-turning lane into the supermarket car park from Adelaide Road
    • putting up new traffic signals at the intersection of Hanson and John streets.
    • the ground floor of Loafers Lodge will be moved back to allow the footpath to pass through a colonnade.

News - Adelaide Road Intersection Upgrade Starts - 31.05.12

Additionally, Wellington Cable Car Company will be replacing trolley bus poles and wires at the John Street intersection. Also, although not part of this project, Capacity will take the opportunity to replace the sewer main from Drummond Street along to John Street.

The final resurfacing of the roads will be done in January once the sewer main replacement is completed, with new lane markings to include places for cyclists to wait at the traffic signals.

Adelaide Road Map (1.07Mb PDF)

News - Update on Adelaide Road - 02.10.12

New Adelaide Road Bus Lanes

In February 2012, the existing clearways between the Basin Reserve and John Street were replaced with bus lanes operating at peak times.

News - New Bus Lanes - 19.12.11

Drummond Street Upgrade

The Drummond Street part of the project was completed in March 2011. A former rundown zig-zag footpath has been replaced with a new set of steps. Along with new street lighting and planting, this has created a more open, more direct and safer pedestrian access route between Tasman Street and Hanson Street.

Other improvements include new pedestrian crossings and street furniture, additional planting and an upgrade of footpaths, kerbs and channels.

Proposed District Plan Change 73

District Plan Change 73 relates to the Suburban Centres Review and includes a provision for an increase in the permitted building heights along Adelaide Road. This building height change was identified in the Adelaide Road Framework and will help attract mixed-use development to the area, which will be important for its overall regeneration.

Change 73: Suburban Centres Review

More Information

Kevin Murphy
Project Manager

Phone: (04) 801 3448