Adelaide Road Changes

Adelaide Road is an important part of the city. It is an employment and services hub as well as an access route to Wellington Hospital, the Newtown shops, the Basin Reserve, Government House, and Massey University's Wellington campus.

Adelaide Road - Current Projects

The Council is working on a number of projects in the Adelaide Road area with a vision to develop the area and achieve future growth. For more information, see:

Adelaide Road - Current Projects

The Adelaide Road Framework

The framework outlines the vision for the future growth and development of the Adelaide Road area. It expects significant urban changes over the next 10 - 20 years that will help create a prosperous and high-quality mixed-use area

The vision provides for more residential development (to accommodate approximately 1,550 more people by 2026), supported by public amenities and streetscape, employment opportunities, public transport, and a transport route that works well for everyone.

Adelaide Road Framework

Key Goals

The framework identifies a number of key goals for the Adelaide Road area including:

  • allowing for more intensive high-quality residential growth along the northern part of Adelaide Road
  • improving the Adelaide Road transport corridor for various forms of transport, including walking, cycling, and public transport
  • providing attractive, green and safe public spaces
  • strengthening the local community, for example, by promoting community facilities and investigating partnership opportunities
  • continuing to recognise and provide protection for valued heritage and character areas and buildings
  • recognising and protecting employment opportunities
  • using low-impact stormwater systems in the new development / redevelopment areas.

Consultation and Development of the Framework

Wellington City Council worked with the community, landowners, businesses, developers, residents and others to explore the opportunities for future growth and development of the northern Adelaide Road area (between the John Street intersection and the Basin Reserve).

Research began in June 2007 on a range of issues including the area's historic context and heritage, employment, traffic and transport, and urban design issues.


The initial public consultation was held November - December 2007. We released a consultation brochure for public feedback on key issues and ideas, and received 184 submissions.

The Council held more intensive public engagement February - May 2008, including targeted stakeholder and community meetings to understand key perspectives and issues. A four-day community "inquiry by design" workshop was held 31 March - 3 April 2008.

Development of the Adelaide Road Framework

From May to November 2008, the Council developed a draft framework from the results of the community workshop. We released the draft for public feedback and received 96 submissions.

After this consultation, we reviewed the framework.

The Council adopted the final Adelaide Road Framework in November 2008.

Next Steps

The focus is now on carrying out the framework, including getting funding for key actions, changing the relevant provisions of the District Plan, and working with stakeholders and the community to achieve the vision.

The framework identifies a mix of potential private and public development to help achieve change - some to be achieved within the next five years, and some to be achieved over a longer time frame.

The prioritisation and funding of the framework's proposals will be worked out as part of the Long Term Plan (LTP) and planning processes.

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