Pacific Advisory Group By-Elections

The Pacific Advisory Group by-elections open on Monday 22 September so start thinking about who you would like to nominate as a candidate.

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The by-elections are being held as representatives from Melanesia and Micronesia have recently been introduced to the group, and there were no candidates nominated for Tuvalu in the main election in April, or the by-election in May, both held earlier this year.

There are two seats for Tuvalu, and one each for Melanesia and Micronesia.

By-elections for Melanesian, Tuvaluan and Micronesian representatives

Standing in the by-election

To be eligible to stand for election, candidates must

  • be nominated to represent the Pacific Island of their descent
  • live in the Wellington City Council area
  • be enrolled on the Parliamentary Electoral Roll.

Candidates cannot nominated themselves for election.

Nominating a candidate

Nominations for candidates to stand in these by-elections close at 12 noon on Wednesday 8 October 2014.

The Council is seeking nominations from three Pacific nation groups - Melanesia, Tuvalu and Micronesia.

People who want to nominate candidates must

  • be of the same Pacific Island descent as the candidate they nominate
  • be enrolled on the Parliamentary Electoral Roll
  • live in the Wellington City Council area

If you wish to nominate someone, look for a candidate who has

  • governance experience
  • an excellent understanding of Pacific communities and networks
  • a commitment to the development of Pacific people in Wellington.

Nomination forms

Or you can pick up nomination forms from our Wakefield Street offices or online at the Council website.

Vote in the by-elections

Voting takes place on 15 October 2014.

Voters must be

  • of Pacific Island descent
  • enrolled on the Parliamentary Electoral Roll
  • live in the Wellington City Council area.

Voters can only vote for one nation's representatives even if they have ancestry from more than one Pacific Island nation and hold dual (or more) passports.

April & May 2014 election results

The successful candidates were:

Voting results

Cook Islands

  • Merio Marsters 
  • Kimi Higginson 


  • Sai Lealea 
  • Ledua Taucilagi 


  • Alvin Mitikulena (5 May by-election)
  • Nicole Rex  (5 May by-election)


  • Meremine Taiaopo Auelua 
  • Ida Faiumu-Isa'ako 
  • Anthony Leaupepe (re-elected)

Elected unopposed 


  • Herbert Bartley
  • Sharon Samasoni


  • Alapeta Faletau
  • Siofilisi Ta'ufo'ou (Sofi) 

News - Pacific Advisory Group Election Results Announced - 15.04.14

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