Out in the Square


Tena koutou katoa!

It’s great to be here, Out in the Square at the Heart of the Capital City. You are proud, loud, colourful and queer and we love you here in Wellington City.

In one form or another, Out in the Square has been celebrated since 1986. Out in the Square is a fabulous event – one that acknowledges our diversity and creativity. It’s also a way to mark the huge efforts that so many people have made for acceptance and equality.

Wellington’s lesbian, gay, bisexual , transgender, intersex and fa'afine communities make an important contribution to our city’s culture, economic and social wellbeing. You provide an essential element of the City’s identity that we can all feel proud of, and there are some absolutely positively fabulous pink tourism opportunities with closer relationships with Sydney and San Francisco cooking away!

Wellington City Council proudly supports Out in the Square - many thanks to all the volunteers and staff who have worked hard to make it a great day.

Council’s support follows a long and fond tradition of the glamorous and vibrant GLBTI community making a huge impact on Wellington.

Our city strives to ensure that none of our communities, regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, background or income are marginalised, that we are equal in opportunity and that our dreams, goals and aspirations can be realised.

Our capital city is one that celebrates fairness, equality and freedom.

2013 is shaping up to be a momentous one for the GLBTI community - and for all of us who believe that love is at the heart of relationships rather than tradition alone. The Marriage Equality Bill presents New Zealand an opportunity to be fair, inclusive and equal.

We have this opportunity, and we should take this opportunity.

And despite the fear expressed by some of the bill’s opponents, we should all be reminded that marriage between any couple of whatever gender combination isn’t compulsory!

You can and will make a difference in our coolest little capital city’s future. It is a future inclusive of all people, all communities, and shared prosperity for all.

Today, quite simply, we’re in for a great time!

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