Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

It is a great honour to be the elected Mayor of Wellington - a wonderful city with a proud record of innovative thinking, that acknowledges our Treaty partners as first settlers and welcomes both new New Zealanders and visitors to live, work, study and play.

I believe in leading a city in which people feel fully engaged in the decisions which affect them; a city in which businesses can thrive in a flourishing economy which supports rather than compromises our environment; a city marked out by the excellence of our arts and culture, employment, education, recreation and sporting opportunities.

As the capital city, Wellington needs to lead the way in the challenges ahead, and together we can make Wellington stand out as a beacon of all that is best about New Zealand and our diverse population.

Wellington is a compact, cosmopolitan city close to the wild nature of forests and oceans. It deserves its Latin tag "Suprema a situ" and is absolutely, positively the best little capital in the world.

Biographical details

Celia Wade-Brown was born in West London and grew up in a council flat overlooking the Paddington railway line. After a "gap year" working as a laboratory assistant in a girls' school in Ghana and travelling in Africa, she studied Chemistry, English and Philosophy at Nottingham University. She began her IT career at IBM UK as a trainee systems engineer, then programmed in APL at a small consultancy in London.

She emigrated to New Zealand, worked for Databank Systems and in 1983 bought the house in Island Bay in which she still lives with her husband Alastair. Together they set up an IT consultancy company that saw them work around the world, running courses and contract programming and analysis in financial systems. Celia was an inaugural member of the Internet Society of New Zealand and the founding Chair of 2020Trust, set up to give everyone more digital opportunities.

Celia served on Wellington City Council as a Southern Ward Councillor from 1994 to 1998, then choosing to stand down and travel with her family.

Returning to Wellington, Celia was elected as a councillor from 2001 to 2010, taking on responsibilities in the natural environment, waste and water.

Celia founded Living Streets Aotearoa, a voice for people on foot, and has held a wide range of responsibilities inside and outside Council.

Mayor Wade-Brown is politically independent and emphasises an inclusive approach. Her top priorities are good transport choices, good jobs especially in creative and clean technology industries and support for local communities.

In 2011 Council unanimously agreed a strategic vision - Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital - which draws on Wellington’s strengths and recognises global trends.

Development of Our Living City, Destination Wellington, UN Resilient Cities and the evolution of events including the International Arts Festival, World of Wearable Arts, Anzac Day AFL, The Hobbit Premiere, Africa Day and Matariki showcase Wellington’s creativity and cosmopolitan welcome.

Committees and subcommittees

Ex officio member of all Council-appointed committees and subcommittees other than a quasi-judicial committee.

Other Council appointments

Council organisation representative:

  • NZ International Arts Festival Trust
  • Thomas George Macarthy Trust

External committee representative:

  • GWRC Regional Transport Committee
  • GWRC Wellington Regional Strategy Committee
  • Wellington Regional Amenities Fund Joint Committee

Council organisations:

  • NZ International Arts Festival
  • Thomas George Macarthy Trust
  • Wellington International Airport Board

Contact details

Phone: (04) 801 3102
Fax: (04) 801 3033
Address: PO Box 2199, Wellington, New Zealand