Island Bay to City Route

In 2014, we plan to make cycling from the southern suburbs safer and easier.

Stylized map showing the Island Bay to City cycle route.

The route from Island Bay to the city centre is one of the routes that we’ve identified as a good start for making Wellington more cycle-friendly, so people have more transport choices getting around and into the city.

We'll integrate this work with other projects where this is logical.

For some years, many people and groups have been thinking and talking about how to improve cycling along this route. This has included making proposals, undertaking studies and talking to locals. The information on these web pages outlines the Council’s work in this area.

Four sections

Section 1: Island Bay - Shorland Park to Wakefield Park

We’re starting with the southern end – the section along The Parade in Island Bay, from Shorland Park to Wakefield Park. The road is relatively wide and some good improvements can be achieved with comparatively straightforward changes. TheTransport and Urban Design Committee have agreed to proceed with the next steps for implementation. Detailed design will be completed from December, with construction beginning in February 2015.

Section 2: Berhampore and Newtown - Wakefield Park to John Street

The next section – Berhampore and Newtown, from Wakefield Park to John Street – is much more complicated. Initial investigations and discussions have shown that there is a huge number of options and possibilities, each with different pros and cons. We used a citizens’ panel process to help narrow down the possibilities to a few most promising routes. The next step is building up options for a network “blueprint” to take to full public consultation in early 2015.

Sections 3 and 4: John Street to Memorial Park then on to Waitangi Park

The two northernmost sections of the route – from John Street in Newtown to Memorial Park, and from Memorial Park to Waitangi Park – are in line for major changes through the public transport spine and Basin Reserve flyover initiatives. It makes sense to integrate cycle route improvement with these developments, which will happen in the next few years.

Why we've chosen this route 

Island Bay's population, likely growth and geography make it a good choice for improving this cycling route to the city centre.

Combined with other future improvements, the Island Bay to City cycleway will:

  • encourage more people in the southern suburbs to cycle around their neighbourhoods, and between the suburbs and the city
  • help reduce congestion, make Wellington a more liveable city, and bring a range of environmental, health and social benefits for Wellingtonians. 

More information

Paul Barker
Manager, Safe and Sustainable Transport

Phone 021 227 8043