Shift: encouraging physical activity & wellbeing

Shift is a pilot project that aims to increase the physical activity and wellbeing of young Wellington women.

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About the Shift project

Shift focuses on five strategies to improve young women's wellbeing through increasing physical activity and wellbeing opportunities. Shift will:

  • engage with four groups of less active young women to co-design a 10-week programme around physical activity and wellbeing in a secondary school-based setting
  • develop a core group of female Shift Leaders, through a weekly leadership programme, to champion physical activity within their schools and communities
  • increase the involvement of young women aged 12-20 years in community-based physical activity opportunities and their understanding and commitment to their own wellbeing
  • create a fund that young women can apply to, Give back, Shift forward, to remove the financial barrier to participation for those who need it most
  • host three Shift Jams in 2016 which provide the opportunity for young women to practise social entrepreneurship, leadership, empathy and co-design through the lens of wellbeing.

Together, we can help young women make a positive shift

The problem

The number of teenage girls being physically active and putting their wellbeing first is declining.

How shift will help

We know that being physically active and taking care of personal wellbeing has numerous positive impacts and improves:

  • self-confidence
  • stress management
  • self-esteem
  • strength and coordination 
  • social connections
  • sense of achievement.

Delivery of the project

  • The programme will start in 2016 and will be based in Wellington schools and communities.
  • Wellington City Council has partnered with the Boys’ and Girls’ Institute to deliver this project.
  • Funding has been provided by Sport Wellington's KiwiSport Fund and the Ministry of Social Development.

How to get involved

  • Share your knowledge of physical activities and wellbeing.
  • Lead an activity or wellbeing opportunity.
  • To hear about upcoming events or to find out more, contact

Apply for Give Back, Shift Forward funding


Shift would not be able to do what we do without the amazing support of our wider community, friends, and of course, our partners.

Boys and Girls Institute Logo

The Boys and Girls Institute (BGI)

Experts in all things youth in Wellington. The Shift Inspiration Coordinator is a BGI staff member and both her and the project are supported by the passionate staff and volunteers from BGI.

Sports Wellington logo.

Sport Wellington

Wellington Region’s Sports Trust and major funder of the Shift initiative. Their KiwiSport funding is providing for a dedicated Shift staff member (through BGI) and the opportunity to focus on increasing young women’s engagement in physical activity and sport. 

Lottery Grants Board logo.

Lottery Community Grants

Lottery Community grants are administrated by the Department of Internal Affairs. Shift has kindly received funding to support the Shift Leaders programme which aims to build the confidence and capability for young women to lead physical activity and wellbeing initiatives for their peers.

MSD logo

Ministry of Social Development

MSD are also a funder of Shift. Their grant will provide the opportunity for the further development of the Give back, Shift forward social enterprise and the opportunity for young women to practise leadership, empathy and co-design through two Give back, Shift forward weekend workshops in 2016. ‘Profits’ achieved by the social enterprise will be invested back into Shift and go towards removing the financial barrier to participation for young Wellington women aged 12 to 20.


Massey University of Wellington logo.

Massey University

25 students from the Creative Enterprises third year design and business paper (offered by the School of Design at the College of Creative Arts at Massey University) engaged in the question “How can design help encourage young women to be active?”. Solutions ranged from a branded event, to carefully designed leisurewear, an advertising campaign encouraging movement and branded products. Three students, Natalie, Charlotte and Fern, have gone on to be employed on the Shift project over the 2015–16 summer working on multidisciplinary design work for Shift.

The Biz Dojo logo.

The BizDojo

A coworking community in the heart of Wellington enabling tech and creative entrepreneurs to unleash their potential. The BizDojo supports Shift by providing a unique and beautiful event space for the Shift Jam workshops held in May, July and September 2016.

Lifehack logo.


Shift is supported by the amazing people at Lifehack HQ and Enspiral.

They provide Shift with social enterprise and co-design insights, technology solutions and encourage a better understanding of youth wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Lifehack and Enspiral provided start up support through their Te Koanga programme in late 2015. 

Rachel Knight

Shift’s Design Lead who provides brand strategy and mentors the design team to create a range of visual media.