Birthday Parties at ASB Sports Centre

The ASB Sports Centre offers a variety of birthday party packages for preschoolers through to 16 years, and catering is available.

Bouncy castle fun.

Bouncy castle fun

You can book a party on Sundays between 10.30am and 5pm (depending on other bookings).

Parties are for 1 hour and include a host from the ASB Sports Centre.

A parent or guardian must stay for the whole party.


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Party Party information
For ages up to 7 years, maximum 24 children
Soft play and bouncy castle fun Fun with bouncy castle, low climbing equipment and soft play activity. Ratio required of 1 adult: 4 children.
For ages 5 - 10 years, maximum 24 children
Big bounce Go bounce crazy on two bouncy castles. Plus fun and games on inflatables.
Sporty kidz party - cooperative games Team sports relays, running and tag games and parachute fun. Good for a range of abilities.
For ages 6 - 10 years, maximum 24 children
Sporty kidz party - (futsal) football Pick up new football skills and then play a match.
Sporty kidz party - basketball The slam dunkers party has skills and drills, then some matches to put them into practice.
Sporty kidz party - netball A fun netball party featuring passing exercises and games, then building up to a match followed by a shooting competition.
Sporty kidz party - mini floorball Floorball is a type of hockey played indoors with state-of-the-art sticks and a lightweight ball.
Mixed sport party Mix it up with a mixed sports party - basketball, soccer, netball or indoor cricket.
For ages 11 - 16 years, maximum 24 children
Fun and run parties For a less formal party, a staff member can coordinate teams, and referee. Choose from futsal (football), netball, floorball (hockey) or basketball.

Private parties

You can also hire the ASB Sports Centre community room or court spaces to create your own birthday party or choose from one of their pre-made party options (above).

Run your own party

Hire space to run your own party at ASB Sports Centre.

What to wear

Suitable footwear and comfortable clothing must be worn for the sporty kidz parties.

Socks must be worn on the bouncy castle.


Wishbone at ASB Sports Centre is available to supply the party food.



ASB Sports Centre Birthday Party Menu (2.6MB PDF)


Catering payments must be paid before the date of the booking.

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