Push Play and community event equipment

You can hire a variety of outdoor recreation equipment as well as Push Play trailers with games and sports equipment for community use.

Push Play trailer.

Push Play trailer

Push Play Outreach Programme

This programme helps you get active in your neighbourhood.

Push Play trailers

The Push Play trailers are full of fun activities and good quality sports equipment to help you Push Play at any event you are planning.

They are a mobile resource available for use. They come with a manual of games and activities suitable for people of all ages.

Push Play library

The Push Play library at ASB Sport Centre has all sorts of equipment available that you can use to get active.


The trailers and library equipment are free for community groups if you pick them up and drop them off yourself. Contact us for more details.

Prices vary for private, corporate and commerical use. Contact the Push Play Coordinator for a quote.

Equipment available

This is the type of equipment we have available. 

  • volleyballs and volleyball net
  • indoor and outdoor hockey set
  • small and large portable goals
  • tee-ball tee
  • softball bats and balls
  • cricket bats, balls and wickets
  • badminton mini nets and rackets
  • small and large cones
  • soccer and rugby balls
  • basketballs and netballs
  • frisbees
  • skipping ropes
  • parachutes
  • crawl tunnels
  • hurdle cones
  • bean bags
  • petanque
  • croquet
  • hula hoops
  • sack-race sacks
  • ki o rahi sets

If you have a specific request, email us at pushplay@wcc.govt.nz .

Community events trailer

Cost: $50 to hire

This trailer has equipment essential for running a community events for up to 500 people, including hi-viz vests, ezi-up tents, tables, road cones, megaphones and tarpaulins.

A race clock is available for hire for an additional $20.

We can also offer you:

  • ideas to get active in your area
  • games and sports equipment, including the Push Play trailers
  • support and advice for your community events
  • ideas and training to help you run the games and tips on how to run successful community events and programmes.

Borrow Push Play or community event equipment

Phone 04 806 4745
Email pushplay@wcc.govt.nz