Tawa Recreation Centre Holiday Programme

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Tawa Recreation Centre Holiday Programme – January 2016 (52KB PDF)



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What's in store

Programme runs: 7.45am–5.30pm, Tuesday 5–Friday 29 January

This is a full care, OSCAR approved programme for ages 5 to 12. Each day you have the choice of morning, afternoon or full day programmes packed full of fun activities in and out of the centre.

Learn to Swim week: Monday 18 JanuaryFriday 22 January

During this week only, half of each day is dedicated to Learn to Swim swimming lessons at Tawa Pool, and the rest of the day is a range of fun activities in and out of the recreation centre. Improve your skills or learn something new!

Terms and Conditions (25KB PDF)

Highlights include

  • Big Day Out at Nairnville
    Head off to Nairnville Recreation Centre for a wet-n-wild fun day out, with tobogganing, a huge water slide, water balloon battleships and a chance to soak the supervisors!
  • Mexicana
    Come dressed in your best and brightest clothes for Mexicana day! We'll make fresh tortillas for lunch.
  • The Great Outdoors
    Play hockey and make a 3D poster out of collected leaves, sticks and whatever else you can find in nature!


 Programme  Time  Cost
 Before care  7.45am–8.30am  $8
 Morning  8.30am–12pm  $21
 Afternoon  12.30pm–3.30pm  $18
 Full day  8.30am–3.30pm  $32
 After care  3.30pm–5.30pm  $13
 Trip day  8.30am–3.30pm  $42

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