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Club Active has a variety of water and land-based group fitness classes for all levels and interests.

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Water-based classes include aquafit and pregnancy classes. Land-based classes include spin, pump, zumba, yoga, pilates and boxing fit.

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Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre (Kilbirnie)
Freyberg Pool and Gym

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If you are a Club Active member, you can book into classes at Freyberg through our online and mobile booking system. If you're a member and you haven't already received your login details, contact Club Active Freyberg: or phone (04) 801 4537.

Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre (Kilbirnie)

Some Club Active WRAC classes will be disrupted while the main pool is closed for renovation. Check the Renovations & Temporary Closures page for more information.

 Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
Spin   Spin  

 8.30am           Spin  
 9am           Pilates (45mins)  
 9.15am    Pump     Spin    
 9.30am BOOT      Yoga Aquafit   Aquafit
 9.45am      Yoga        
 10am   Activate circuit     Activate circuit Pilates  
Aqua deep
 10.15am         Activate+    
 10.30am   Activate         Pregnancy aqua
 11am Yoga   Boxing fit Zumba Yoga    
 12noon         Activate aqua    
 12.15pm Pilates Spin          
 12.30pm   Activate aqua          
 1pm   Pilates        
 1.30pm Swiss ball          
 3pm             Yoga stretch (90mins)
 6pm Yoga Pilates Pump Spin      
Spin Spin Spin
Aqua deep  Aqua deep BOOT 
 6.15pm       Aqua deep      
 7pm Boxing fit     Boxing fit      
 7.15pm     Yoga        

Freyberg Pool and Gym

 Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
 6.30am Circuit max   Pump        
 8.45am           Pump Pump
 9am Yoga Yoga          
 9.30am Aquafit Activate Yoga Yoga    
Aquafit Aquafit
 10am Pilates Activate
      Yoga Yoga (75mins)
 10.30am   Yoga Pilates Pilates    
 11am Activate Yoga          
 11.15am           Zumba  
 12noon             Yoga
 4pm           Yoga Yoga
 5.45pm Pump Pilates Pump      
 6.50pm Yoga Boxing fit Pilates Boxing fit      
 7.50pm     Yoga        

Gym classes


A fun, easy-paced, low-impact exercise class incorporating cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning exercise, muscle conditioning and stretching.


A step up from the activate class, this session provides a more intense workout.

Activate circuit

A fun, easy-paced, low-impact workout in the gym incorporating a sequence of muscle conditioning/toning exercises mixed with cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning exercises. Participants work 
at their own pace.


An effective and efficient way to improve cardio, lose weight and build lean muscle. Combines cardio, strength and flexibility training. No two workouts are the same. Suits beginners to high-level athletes.

Boxing fit

An energetic class combining boxing skills and cardio. Build strength, cardiovascular fitness and confidence.

Circuit max

A fun, energetic class combining cardio, core conditioning and boxing using powerbags, pump equipment and body weight.


Improves posture while increasing core strength, muscle tone, flexibility and balance. Please bring a mat to class.


A fun, dynamic, all-over conditioning, weight-based programme that will improve muscle tone and endurance.


A fun, fast-paced cardiovascular workout on a spin cycle guaranteed to burn maximum calories fast as well as tone and shape your body. Ask your instructor if spin is right for you. Please book at reception 24 hours in advance. Participants must be on the bike to ride at start time. No late entry. Water bottle and towel essential.

Swiss ball


Stretch your way to improved flexibility, balance, strength and breathing awareness using time-tested yoga techniques. A great workout for body and mind. Please bring a mat or towel to class.


A fun, effective, easy to follow, Latin-inspired, calorie burning dance fitness party.

Pool classes

Activate aqua

A fun, easy-paced, low-impact, shallow-water class suitable for all levels and abilities.


A shallow-water class suitable for all levels and abilities incorporating cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning exercise, muscle conditioning and toning.

Aqua circuit

A challenging aquafit workout with set stations that target particular exercises.

Aqua deep

A high-intensity workout in deep water using a buoyancy aid, incorporating cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning exercise, muscle conditioning and toning.

Pregnancy aqua

A class that caters to both pre- and post-natal fitness. This class incorporates gentle exercise to maintain health and to help improve posture, circulation and sleep. 

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