Junior programmes

ASB Sports Centre offers a number of junior sports programmes that focus on specific skills and techniques within the game.

Children playing futsal.

Programmes include:

Basketball Hoop Club

Children learn and develop key basketball skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, defence and attack.

Age Day Time Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
5 – 13 Sun 4pm–5pm 1 Feb–29 Mar
Boys 5 – 13 Sun  5pm– 6pm  1 Feb–29 Mar 

Cost: $40 per term each player, or $80 per term for two or more siblings.

For more information, contact Vodi Simi on 021 773 703 or see:


Learn a sport that spans centuries - fencing is a cross-training programme that conditions the body and develops balanced coordination. Children learn to dodge, parry and thrust, along with correct form, technique and etiquette in this methodical yet fast-paced sport. Equipment and clothing provided for beginners.

Age Day Time Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
7 – 16 Mon
4pm– 5pm 2 Feb–30 Mar
Advanced 7 – 16 Thurs  4pm– 5pm  4 Feb–2 Apr 
Intermediate 7 – 16 Thurs 5pm– 6pm  4 Feb–2 Apr

Cost: $120 per term.

For more information, contact Ping Yuan: 021 059 2558 or email nz_wfc@outlook.com

Fun Futsal

Futsal is the FIFA approved version of five-a-side football, which is played with a smaller, low bounce ball. It combines fun, creativity, speed, technique, teamwork and quick thinking.

Futsal is a valuable tool for football development which encourages:

  • individual ball skills, close control and dribbling
  • creativity and improvisation
  • maintenance of ball possession
  • one-touch passing along the ground
  • accurate shooting
  • teamwork and off-the-ball movement

Age Day Time Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Mixed first kicks 4 – 6 Sun  9.30am–10.30am  8 Feb–29 Mar
Mixed fun 7 – 10 Sun 10.30am– 11.30am  8 Feb–29 Mar

Cost: $67.50 for 9 weeks. Casual players are welcome if there is space available and cost $8.50 per session. 

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Children can have fun and learn key volleyballs skills including the set, the dig, the spike, and how to block, in modified KiwiVolley games.

Term 4

Years 5–8
16 Feb
30 Mar Mon

Cost: $8 per session

The programme will also be running in term 2, bookings are now being taken. For more information, contact Matt Wenn: 021 878 653 or email developmentmanager@wellingtonvolleyball.org.nz

Netball Development Programme

Children learn and develop key netball skills including footwork, movement, ball skills, shooting, defence and attack.

Age / Year Day Time Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Year 1&2
Mon 3.30pm–4.15pm
Not offered
Not offered
Year 3&4 
Mon 4.30pm–5.15pm
Not offered
Not offered
Year 5&6
Wed 4pm–5pm
Not offered Not offered
Year 7&8
Tue 4pm–5pm 17 Feb–24 Mar
28 Oct–9 Dec
Year 7&8
Wed 5pm–6pm
Not offered

Not offered
Year 9&10
17 Feb–24 Mar

28 Oct–9 Dec
Year 9&10
Not offered

Not offered

Cost: $70 per person.

For more information, see: Netball Wellington Centre

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