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Guided walks

The Otari-Wilton's Bush Trust runs monthly walks for members and visitors.

Walks are free to Trust members, and cost $5 for visitors.

What we did in the Stone Age

 2pm, Sunday 21 June

Plants for consumption, cure, contraception and cosmetics - an easy one-hour walk. Note that this is on the 3rd Sunday not the usual 4th. Meet at the Information Centre.
Cost: $5


Glow-worm tours

6.30pm Friday 26 June & 24 July

Glow-worms are alive and well and living in Otari. We walk down through the bush at night, past tree ferns, rimu, epiphytes in profusion, rata, crayfish – and glow-worms. This is your chance to see glow-worms up close and personal, complete with their midge-catching, sticky-thread nets.

Bookings are essential - phone the Treehouse on (04) 499 1400.

Bring good shoes, warm clothing, and a torch for this 50-minute tour. Meet at the Information Centre. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Glow-worms guaranteed!
Cost: adults $4, children $2.


Small-leaved plants and divaricates

2pm, Sunday 26 July

In this two-hour workshop, we will explain the strange zig-zag divaricating growth habit of so many New Zealand plants, giving examples, and also of other small-leaved plants. This talk will be followed by a walk to see these plants in the gardens.
Meet at the Leonard Cockayne Centre. Cost: $5


2pm, Sunday 23 August

What bugs live in the Otari forest litter and stream? Come and see tiny critters under the microscope and test your knowledge of the different kinds of bugs lurking in the bush around Wellington. Learn about our incredibly rich snail fauna and other quirky facts about our native invertebrates in this two-hour workshop.
Meet at the Leonard Cockayne Centre. Cost: $5

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