Preschool Programmes

Classes for preschoolers at ASB Sports Centre include Active Fun Play and Tumbling Tots.

Active Fun Play equipment.

Active Fun Play

A safe and friendly environment filled with soft play equipment for your pre-schooler or school child to use.

Each session is set up in a circuit that encourages children to balance, build and play with equipment provided. 

There's no need to book. For cost and session details, see:

Preschoolers - Active Fun Play

Tumbling Tots

A fun class that aims to develop your child’s physical skills, such as running, climbing, rotation and balancing. It also encourages cooperation and interaction with other children.

 Tumbling Tots



 Term Dates

 1.5 - 2.5 year-olds

 Wed, Fri


15 Oct – 19 Dec
Excluding Wed 26 Nov

 2.5 - 4 year-olds

 Wed, Fri


15 Oct – 19 Dec
Excluding Fri 28 Nov

The sessions run for 45 minutes with experienced instructors, and provide a combination of structured activities and free play. 

The Tumbling Tots programme also offers group sessions for play centres, play groups and kindergartens.

If there are spaces available, single casual entry is $9.50. For regular class costs, session times or to book, see:

Preschoolers - Tumbling Tots

Or check out Recreation Programmes, Preschool, under 'Book now': 

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Or contact the ASB Sports Centre:
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Preschool Tennis

Preschool tennis is a fun way to encourage children aged 2-6 years old to get active and learn to play tennis. The programme combines music, pictures and teddy bear stories into an interactive learning adventure that young children love.

More information

Teddy Tennis Wellington

 Phone  (04) 479 1386

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