Draft Annual Plan 2017/18

Wellington is in good shape, and we're on course to create an even more confident and vibrant city. We'd like your feedback on our plan for the capital's future.

Status Open
Start date 18 April 2017
Closing date 5.00p.m., 19 May 2017

Our finances are on a strong, sustainable footing, which means we can limit next year’s rates rise to 3.3%. During this time, it will cost around $6 per resident, per day to deliver our services.

Since our Long-term Plan 2015–25, however, we’ve experienced economic and population growth, and with this have come fresh challenges. These include housing affordability and transport, as well as resilience following last November’s earthquake.

We have looked closely at our spending over the next 3 years to ensure it is focused where it can do the most good

The 3-year work programme

After the 2016 local authority elections, the Mayor and Councillors developed a set of goals and areas of focus to shape our work for 2016–19.

The next 12 months

We’re proposing some changes and new initiatives from what was included in the Long-term Plan 2015-25.

Arc with outline of bike, airplane, building, wind sock etc.

See our proposals in print

All the information about our draft Annual Plan 2017–18 is on these pages, but you can also: