Candidates standing for election to a local body or community board can start campaigning at any time and can continue up to and including Election Day, as long as the rules set out in Local Electoral Act 2001 and the Local Electoral Regulations are followed.

Campaign advertising

Campaign advertising is subject to the following rules: 

  • Advertisements are defined as anything published in a newspaper, periodical, notice, poster, pamphlet, handbill, billboard or card, or broadcast over radio or television.
  • Advertisements must be authorised in writing by the candidate or the candidate’s agent.
  • Advertisements must contain a statement setting out the true name and address of the person or persons for whom or at whose direction they are published.
  • Campaign expenses incurred by or on behalf of candidates during the 3 months before polling day (the applicable period) must be included in the candidate’s electoral expenses return.
  • Expense returns are required within 55 days of the official declaration of results. Complete the Candidate expenses return form and submit it to the Electoral Officer:

    Candidate Expenses Return Form (116KB PDF) l Text version (18KB RTF)

    Expenditure limits

    Candidate campaigns are subject to the following expenditure limits:

    Position Expenditure limit
    Mayor $60,000
    Councillor (Northern, Eastern, Onslow - Western and Lambton wards)  $30,000
    Councillor (Southern ward) $20,000
    Tawa Community Board member $14,000
    Makara - Ohariu Community Board member $3,500
    Greater Wellington Regional Councillor (Wellington constituency)  $60,000 
    Greater Wellington Regional Councillor (Porirua - Tawa constituency)  $40,000 
    Capital and Coast District Health Board member  $70,000 

    If you are standing for more than one position, then the higher limit applies (not both combined).

    Full details of the election campaigning rules are included in the candidate handbook for elections. 

Election hoardings

Wellington City Council has guidelines about putting up election hoardings in the city. These guidelines also apply to candidates and political parties involved in general (parliamentary) elections.

Election Hoardings Guidelines

Information on New Zealand’s 2014 general election is available from:

Elections NZ

Electoral Officer, Wellington City Council

Phone (04) 801 3484
Fax (04) 801 3020
Postal Address PO Box 2199, Wellington
Street Address 101 Wakefield Street, Wellington

Deputy Electoral Officer, Wellington City Council

Phone (04) 803 8193
Fax (04) 801 3020
Postal Address PO Box 2199, Wellington
Street Address 101 Wakefield Street, Wellington