Event advice

The Council can give advice on how to run your event and manage street closures.

Crowd at at outside performance venue.

Get Council support for your event


Major events

The Council's Major Events team promotes, funds and supports major events in the city. Contact the Events Development Manager for information on:

  • funding support for major events from the Events Development Fund
  • marketing and promotion of major events
  • logistical and venue support
  • help with feasibility studies and event bids
  • advice on event planning, management and risk management
  • coordination and facilitation of events.
Phone: (04) 499 4444
Email: major.events@wcc.govt.nz

City events

The Council's City Events team facilitates and supports Wellington City community events. The team also produces and delivers Council events such as:

City Events

Phone: (04) 499 4444
Email: events@wcc.govt.nz

Help for organisers of community events

If you're an organiser of a community programme, you can get advice and training from the Council's specialist staff.

Contact our Arts or Recreation advisors for more information on:

Community Arts Advisor

Phone: (04) 385 1929
Email: arts@wcc.govt.nz

Community Recreation Advisor

Phone: (04) 801 8015
Email: recreation@wcc.govt.nz