Built environment


Cycling Demand Analysis (1.4MB PDF)
Author: Tom Pettit, Research and Evaluation, Wellington City Council and Nadine Dodge, New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities

Wellington City Housing and Residential Growth Study (2MB PDF)
Author: The Property Group


Australia and New Zealand Green City Index: Results for Wellington 2013 (1.6MB PDF)
Author: Economist Intelligence Unit

Evaluation of Lower Cuba Street Upgrade (952KB PDF)
Author: Jim Robertson, Research and Evaluation, Wellington City Council

Quantifying Seismic Strengthening in Wellington’s Commercial Building Stock (144KB PDF)
Author: Geoff Thomas, Matthew Hosler and Stephen Cody

Shaping up 2013. District Plan Monitoring and Research Report (1.2MB PDF)
Author: Wellington City Council

The Attributes of Wellington's Green Star Rated Buildings 2013 (587KB PDF)
Author: Hendrik Prins, George Baird, Zach Rissel, and Catherine Leining

The Green Dividend - Valuing Green Spaces and Public Transport in Wellington City (674KB PDF)
Author: Tom Pettit, Toby Daglish, Mair´ead de R´oiste, Richard Law and Yi˘git Sa˘glam


City Centre Movement Infrastructure Analysis

1. Contents and Executive Summary (278KB PDF)
2. Existing Pedestrian and Vehicle Networks (3.5MB PDF)
3. Existing Pedestrian Movement Infrastructure (13MB PDF)
4. Vehicle Infrastructure (592KB PDF)
5. Comparing Pedestrian and Vehicle Movement Infrastructures (3MB PDF)
6. Pedestrian Movement Observation Study (12MB PDF)
7. Strategic Design of Movement Infrastructures (8.6MB PDF)

Author: Space Syntax

Wellington’s Waterfront: are We on the Right Track? (1.1MB PDF)
Author: Litmus and Wellington City Council


Exploring Public Space Values and Functions (717KB PDF)
Author: Litmus and Wellington City Council