Text Alerts

You can sign up to receive emergency text alerts direct to your mobile phone.

Text alerts mean you will hear about any potentially life-threatening emergencies in Wellington, such as tsunami warnings.

Sign up for emergency text alerts

To sign up to receive emergency text alerts on your mobile phone:

  • text the words "follow WREMOalert" to 8987


  • Once you receive a text confirming you are now following @WREMOalert, reply with:
     'set discover off'.
    This prevents Twitter texting you with suggestions of who else you might like to follow.
  • Text alerts are free. It only costs you two texts to sign up.
  • You will receive 3 - 4 test messages a year and any other message will be a real alert.

What to do if you receive an emergency alert

If you receive an emergency alert, forward it to your networks. If you use social media, post it on Facebook and re-tweet the message on Twitter.

Twitter platform

We use Twitter as a platform for the emergency text alerts. When signing up, you will receive a text saying thanks for joining Twitter. This does not make you an active Twitter user with a Twitter profile.

The Emergency Text Alert system currently only works with Telecom, Vodafone and 2degrees. Unfortunately, WREMO cannot influence this.

If you don't use Telecom, Vodafone or 2degrees, we suggest you ask your provider to connect with Twitter.

What to do if you are not connected to Twitter

If your mobile provider does not connect you with Twitter, you can get the emergency alerts by asking friends and family who are using Telecom, Vodafone and 2degrees, to sign up to receive the alerts and forward them on to you.