Public Education

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO), on behalf of the Council, can give you advice so that you can prepare for, respond to and recover from the impact of a mass emergency or natural disaster.

ACC staff with their emergency survival buckets and Cr Best (centre in white jacket)

The following services are provided free of charge within the Wellington city area.

For residents

You can get an emergency preparedness information pack by contacting:

Council Contact Centre (24/7 service)

Phone: (04) 499 4444


Phone: (04) 460 0650

The information packs include:

For businesses, organisations, and community groups

The following civil defence resources are available:

  • presentations on hazards for Wellington and emergency preparedness
  • help developing emergency plans and procedures to respond to earthquakes and other hazards.

For schools and early childhood centres

WREMO can help staff and students prepare for an emergency and advise on evacuation procedures so as to make sure that in an emergency:

  • staff, students and parents know the evacuation procedures and, in particular, students know how to respond in the event of an earthquake
  • evacuation procedures work
  • the school / centre has the names and contact details of responsible authorised people to collect students
  • there is an effective process for those authorised to collect students from the school / centre, including options when an authorised person doesn't arrive.

More information

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office

Address: 2 Turnbull Street
Phone: (04) 460 0650
Website: WREMO - Greater Wellington Regional Council