Prepare for an earthquake by identifying a safe place to go to, having an emergency plan and survival items and keeping your insurance up to date.

In an earthquake, stop, drop, cover and hold

See what you should keep available:

Survival Items

You can sign up to get text alerts of emergencies, so that you get a text message on your mobile phone warning you of any big emergency.

Text Alerts

In an earthquake, go to a safe place a few steps away - such as under a sturdy table or next to an inside wall. Then drop to the floor, cover and hold on until the earthquake has finished.

After an earthquake, there'll be aftershocks. Try and help those around you if you can, report any injuries or fires (dial 111), and listen to the radio for advice. If your property is damaged, take photos and document the damage for insurance purposes.

For more details, see:

Earthquake Safety Advice - Drop, Cover and Hold (254KB PDF)

You can also watch this video to see what to do in an earthquake:

NZ Get Thru - What to Do in an Earthquake - YouTube