Personal emergency skills training

A free, one-day emergency skills training programme that will build resilient neighbourhoods and could help you save lives.

Wellington is susceptible to natural hazards such as earthquakes and storms. In an emergency, normal services are likely to be overwhelmed and won't be able to respond to everyone - the most immediate source of aid will be you and your community.

95% of rescues after a major event are carried out by survivors or bystanders who are drawn to the site by a desire to help.

If someone was trapped, injured or needed assistance, could you safely help them?

Complete our free, practical emergency skills course and learn what you can do to save lives and help others while keeping yourself safe in a major natural disaster.

Register for the course

To register, visit Personal Emergency Skills Training Registration - WREMO

Course details

Location: WREMO, 2 - 4 Turnbull Street, Thorndon
Duration: 6 hours
Cost: Free
Frequency: Courses run on the third weekend of each month.


  • How to prepare for an emergency
  • How to identify hazards to keep you and others safe
  • What to do during and after a major natural disaster like an earthquake
  • How to put out fires
  • How to give first aid

Basic rescue skills:

  • searching for survivors who might be trapped
  • moving casualties
  • creating improvised stretchers.

This training is given by the Wellington Emergency Response team.  This is a joint initiative by Wellington City Council and the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO).

More information

If you have any questions about the programme, contact