Targeted building assessments – FAQs

During December and January we undertook actions to ensure public safety through a new round of targeted building assessments.

Following an independent Government review of the performance of the Statistics New Zealand building after the November 14 earthquake, the Council learned more about how some building types performed in the earthquake. We asked building owners of a certain type of building to undertake further engineering inspections.

This impacted around 80 buildings directly. We also notified owners and occupiers of adjacent buildings, as required by law. We are doing this to ensure public safety and to build a complete picture of the state of the buildings in Wellington City.

Why isn’t Council releasing the details of the engineer's reports?

Are these buildings, and Wellington City safe?

Are there some buildings in Wellington the Council considers unsafe?

A building I work in / visit / am close to received a letter from council but the owner hasn’t/won't share the engineering report with me. How can I see the report?

Have Council received engineering reports from all the building owners?

Can owners get an extension beyond 10 Feb?

How many of the 80 buildings need work done as a result of the 14 Nov quake?

What's the status of Council’s Civic Administration Building (CAB)?

Are any of these buildings considered Earthquake Prone now?

If there’s another large quake will these buildings be assessed again?

Questions and answers — December 2016 - February 2017

Why has this action been taken?

What kind of buildings are on the list?

How many buildings are affected?

How were the buildings identified?

How can I find out if my building is affected?

I own a building on the list but haven’t received a letter. How do I make sure that you have my correct information?

I can see cracks in my building. Should I be worried?

Are these buildings related to the recent issue with steel mesh?

Why is this being done now?

What happens if assessments reveal that buildings are unsafe?

What happens if building owners don’t comply?

Who is responsible for paying for assessments and maintenance work?

What is the timeline for these assessments?

Why is this taking so long?

Is my building unsafe now?

Do I have to evacuate my building?

If not, then why the need to re-inspect?

How do I convince my staff not to refuse to come back to work?

How many engineers are there to do work on this?

What happens if an engineer’s report is done while I am away for Christmas and they find something? Will I be able to enter my building?

What will happen if there is another aftershock?

Is it safe to be in the city?

Do I have to evacuate my building while it is inspected?

How can I find out the results of a building’s inspection?

More information

If you have further questions, phone the Council on 04 499 4444 or get in contact with the Emergency Recovery Information Centre (ERIC).

Earthquake Recovery Information Centre (ERIC)

Phone 04 803 8810
04 803 8809
Mobile 027 803 0009
027 803 0010